Ministry to God

“My sons, do not neglect your duties any longer! The LORD has chosen you to stand in his presence, to minister to him, and to lead the people in worship and present offerings to him.” (2 Chron 29:11.)

I believe that the most important, and yet most neglected function of God’s church is our ministry to Him. In so much of what we do, ministry to God has become an afterthought, if indeed it is a thought at all. Ministry to God is more than singing a song with the word Jesus in it, it is the active pursuit of who He is, to glorify and to know Him above all else. It requires men and women of God who put aside everything in order to pursue Him and His holiness.

So much of the Old Testament deals with our ministry to the Lord, how we are to approach Him and the requirements of those who are charged with this ministry to Him, and we see these principles carried forward into the New Testament as the apostles continued to meet to minister to God before anything else, with hearts that burned with a passion for Him. It was because of their passion for God that they were able to achieve so much with the people, and yet we often try to achieve ministry to people at the expense of ministry to God.

Ministry to people is a vital role of God’s church, but it must always be secondary to our ministry to God Himself. Without true ministry to Him, our church will have nothing to offer people outside of religious works and words. We must learn to be people who pursue the heart of Jesus above all else, as it is only from this point that we will become true ministers to people.

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